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Keyword: electron cooling

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPA005 R&D towards Cooling of the RHIC Collider beam-transport, energy-recovery, photoinjector, superconducting-rf 39
  • I. Ben-Zvi, J.M. Brennan, A. Burrill, R. Calaga, X. Chang, M. Christoph, G. Citver, A. Fedotov, H. Hahn, M. Harrison, A. Hershcovitch, A. Jain, J. Kewisch, W.W. MacKay, G. McIntyre, D. Pate, S. Peggs, J. Rank, T. Roser, J. Scaduto, T. Srinivasan-Rao, D. Trbojevic, D. Wang, A. Zaltsman, Y. Zhao (BNL)
TPAB046 Design of a Superconducting Linac Cavity for High-Current Energy Recovery Linac Operation cw, energy-recovery, higher-order-mode, superconducting-rf 1300
  • D. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, J. Kewisch, C. Montag, Y. Zhao (BNL), J. Sekutowicz (DESY), C. Pagani, P. Pierini (INFN)
TPPE019 CRYRING Progress: Weak Beams, Rare Ions and Ordering crystallization, diagnostics, ion-source, storage-ring 1590
  • A. Kàllberg, G. Andler, L. Bagge, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, H. Danared, P. Löfgren, A. Paàl, K.-G. Rensfelt, A. Simonsson, F. Österdahl, M. af Ugglas (Manne Siegbahn Laboratory)
WPAE028 Layout and Optics for the RHIC Electron Cooler   2005
  • J. Kewisch, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, C. Montag, D. Wang (BNL)
WPAB009 The Analysis of the Cross-Talk in a RF Gun Superconducting Cavity electron gun, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 2050
  • Y. Zhao (BNL), M. Cole (Advanced Energy Systems)
RPPG003 Simulation of Magnetized Beams energy-spread, simulation, solenoid, space-charge 3186
  • D. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, J. Kewisch, C. Montag (BNL), F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles)
RPPG026 Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects in the Electron Cooler for RHIC coherent-effects, collective-effects, heavy-ion, synchrotron-radiation 3228
  • J. Wu (SLAC), D. Wang (BNL), F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles)
FPAB069 Status of the Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Juelich extraction, polarization, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 3428
  • D. Prasuhn, U. Bechstedt, J. Dietrich, R. Gebel, K. Henn, A. Lehrach, B. Lorentz, R. Maier, A. Schnase, H. Schneider, R. Stassen, H.J. Stein, H. Stockhorst, R. Toelle (Forschungszentrum Juelich)