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Keyword: multi-bunch-effects

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPAG030 Study of Coherent Radiation from an Electron Beam Prebunched at the Photocathode free-electron-laser, photoinjector 1497
  • J. Neumann, D. Demske, R. Fiorito, P.G. O'Shea (University of Maryland), G.L. Carr, H. Loos, T. Shaftan, B. Sheehy, Z. Wu (BNL)
WOAA008 100 Bunch DANE Operation collider, factory, feedback, luminosity 366
  • A. Drago, D. Alesini, G. Benedetti, M. Biagini, C. Biscari, R. Boni, M. Boscolo, A. Clozza, G. Delle Monache, G. Di Pirro, A. Gallo, A. Ghigo, S. Guiducci, F. Marcellini, G. Mazzitelli, C. Milardi, L. Pellegrino, M.A. Preger, P. Raimondi, R. Ricci, C. Sanelli, M. Serio, F. Sgamma, A. Stecchi, A. Stella, C. Vaccarezza, M. Vescovi, M. Zobov (INFN)
WPPG024 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Intense Bunched Beams in RF Accelerators and Sources beam-transport, collective-effects, electromagnetic-fields, rf-structure 2643
  • R. Bhatt, C. Chen, M. Hess (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
RPPB011 The Electron Cloud Instability of the LHC Beam in the CERN SPS electron cloud, instability, transverse-dynamics 3038
  • G. Arduini, K. Cornelis, W. Höfle, G. Rumolo, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
RPPB017 Simulation Study of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities due to Resistive Wall, Ions, or Electron Cloud instability, ion-effects, resistive wall, simulation 3056
  • F. Zimmermann (CERN), H. Fukuma, K. Ohmi, Y. Ohnishi, S.S. Win (KEK)
RPPB018 Instability Threshold Currents vs. Energy in CESR instability, longitudinal-dynamics 3059
  • M. Billing, J. Sikora (Cornell University)
RPPB070 Longitudinal Emittance Growth in the Fermilab Booster Synchrotron accumulation, beam-loading, emittance, longitudinal-dynamics 3162
  • G. Jackson (Hbar Technologies, LLC)
RPPG033 A Beam Breakup Instability in a Recirculating Linac Caused by a Quadrupole Mode collective-effects, higher-order-mode, instability 3246
  • B. Yunn (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
FPAB035 Two-Bunch Orbit Correction Using the Wake Field Kick linac, orbit-control, positron, wakefield 3368
  • M. Satoh, K. Furukawa, M. Kikuchi, H. Koiso, Y. Ogawa, T. Suwada (KEK)