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Keyword: energy-spread

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB087 An RFQ Injection System for the HRIBF radio-frequency-quadrupole, radioactive beams 1004
  • Y. Zhang, P.E. Mueller (ORNL)
TPAB056 RF Parameter and Field Stability Requirements for the Cornell ERL Prototype energy-recovery, feedback, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1329
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh (Cornell University)
TPPG054 Towards Realizing Optical Injection of Electrons in Resonantly Excited Plasma Wakefields laser, plasma accelerator, simulation, wakefield 1921
  • N. Saleh, S. Chen, W. Theobald, D. Umstadter, C. Widjaja, V. Yanovsky, P. Zhang (University of Michigan)
WPAB003 Energy-Spread Compensation of a Thermionic-Cathode RF Gun electron gun, free-electron-laser, rf-structure 2035
  • J.W. Lewellen (ANL)
WPAB017 Measurement of the Beam Energy Spread in the TTF Photo-injector beam profile monitor, photoinjector 2074
  • M. Hüening (FNAL), H. Schlarb (DESY)
WPPB051 A Second Beam-Diagnostic Beamline for the Advanced Light Source beam profile monitor, beamline, emittance, synchrotron-radiation 2527
  • F. Sannibale, D. Baum, N. Kelez, T. Scarvie (LBNL), K. Holldack (BESSY)
WPPB060 Improved Results from the Gas Scattering Energy Spectrometer on the ISIS RFQ Test Stand beamline, radio-frequency-quadrupole, scattering, spectrum 2542
  • J.P. Duke, D.J.S. Findlay, A.P. Letchford, J. Thomason (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
WPPG003 Spill Structure in Intense Beams bunching, extraction, longitudinal-dynamics, space-charge 2595
  • J. Glenn, M. Blaskiewicz, K.A. Brown, E. Raka, J. Ryan (BNL)
ROAB005 Longitudinal Space-Charge Effects in a Retarding Field Energy Analyzer deceleration, space-charge 511
  • Y. Zou, Y. Cui, I. Haber, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser (University of Maryland)
ROAB012 Development of a New Beam-Energy-Spread Monitor Using Multi-Stripline Electrodes beam position monitor, beam profile monitor, instrumentation, multipole 533
  • T. Suwada, K. Furukawa, M. Satoh (KEK)
RPAB016 Energy Dispersion Compensation and Beam Loading in X-Band Linacs for the JLC/NLC acceleration, beam-loading, linac 2763
  • R.M. Jones, C. Adolphsen, V.A. Dolgashev, R.H. Miller, J.W. Wang (SLAC)
RPAB066 Commissioning-Results of the REX-ISOLDE Linac commissioning, emittance, linac, rf-structure 2869
  • S. Emhofer, F. Ames, J. Cederkäll, D. Habs, O. Kester, K. Rudolph (Sektion Physik der LMU München), T. Sieber (CERN)
RPPB067 Experimental Study of Energy Spread in a Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beam space-charge 3156
  • Y. Cui, I. Haber, R.A. Kishek, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser, A. Valfells, Y. Zou (University of Maryland)
RPPG003 Simulation of Magnetized Beams electron cooling, simulation, solenoid, space-charge 3186
  • D. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, J. Kewisch, C. Montag (BNL), F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles)
FPAG010 A Comparison of Several Lattice Tools for Computation of Orbit Functions of an Accelerator Hamiltonian systems, accelerator-theory, lattice, optics 3485
  • D. Trbojevic, J.S. Berg, E.D. Courant (BNL), R. Talman (Cornell University), A.A. Garren (LBNL)