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Keyword: controls

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPE012 High Resolution Analog / Digital Power Supply Controller power-supply, synchrotron-radiation 761
  • E. Medvedko, R. Hettel, G.E. Leyh, J. Olsen, S. Smith, T. Straumann, C. Wermelskirchen (SLAC)
MPPB081 Determination of Low Level RF Control Requirements for Superconducting Cavities from Microphonics Measurements microphonics, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 992
  • J. Delayen, L. Harwood (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB035 An Automated 476 MHz RF Cavity Processing Facility at SLAC electromagnetic-fields, rf breakdown, rf cavities, vacuum 1273
  • P. McIntosh, A. Hill, H. Schwarz (SLAC)
TPAB079 Piezoelectric Tuner Compensation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Cavities cryomodule, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1383
  • J. Delayen, G.K. Davis (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB088 RF Control System for ISAC II Superconducting Cavities rf cavities, superconductivity 1404
  • K. Fong, S. Fang, M. Laverty (TRIUMF), Q. Zheng (Institute of Modern Physics)
TPAG002 Conducting Research and Operator Training While Maintaining Top-up Reliability Using the Advanced Photon Source Linear Accelerator diagnostics, electron gun, modulator, operational-performance 1419
  • S. Pasky, R. Soliday (ANL)
TPAG026 Machine Protection for High Average Current Linacs energy-recovery, linac 1485
  • K. Jordan, T. Allison, J. Coleman, R. Evans, A. Grippo (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TOPB007 Remote Operations in a Global Accelerator Network   278
  • S. Peggs, T. Satogata (BNL), D. Rice (Cornell University), D. Agarwal (LBNL)
TOPB008 Integration of Orbit Control with Real-Time Feedback feedback, orbit-control, storage-ring 283
  • F. Lenkszus, M. Borland, L. Emery, H. Shang, O. Singh, R. Soliday (ANL)
TOPB009 Control Systems on Low Cost Computers   288
  • E.L. Williams Jr., Greg S. Lawson (ORNL)
TOPB010 Integrating Control Systems to Beam Dynamics Applications with CORBA simulation, software 291
  • M. Böge, J. Chrin (Paul Scherrer Institut)
TPPG016 Shaping of Pulses in Optical Grating-Based Laser Systems for Optimal Control of Electrons in Laser Plasma Wake-Field Accelerator laser, plasma accelerator, wakefield 1840
  • C. Toth, J. Faure, C.G.R. Geddes, W.P. Leemans, J. van Tilborg (LBNL)
WPPE001 Connection-Oriented Relational Database of the APS Control System Hardware   2327
  • D.A. Dohan, N.D. Arnold (ANL)
WPPE002 Use of a General-Purpose Optimization Module in Accelerator Control operational-performance, software 2330
  • L. Emery, M. Borland, H. Shang (ANL)
WPPE007 All Digital IQ Servo-System for CERN Linacs   2336
  • A. Rohlev, R. Garoby, J. Serrano (CERN)
WPPE008 Pulsed NMR Magnetometers for CESR   2339
  • R.E. Meller, D. Hartill (Cornell University)
WPPE009 Requirements for RF Control of TTF II FEL User Facility feed forward, feedback, klystron, radio-frequency 2342
  • V. Ayvazyan, K. Rehlich, S. Simrock (DESY)
WPPE012 Improvement of Photon Factory Advanced Ring Control System EPICS, light source 2351
  • T. Obina, A. Akiyama, T. Katoh, T. Kawamoto, I. Komada, K. Kudo, S. Nagahashi, T.T. Nakamura, J. Odagiri, Y. Takeuchi, N. Yamamoto (KEK)
WPPE013 The LANSCE RICE Control System Upgrade linac, radio-frequency-quadrupole 2354
  • S. Schaller, E. Bjorklund, M. Burns, G. Carr, J. Faucett, D. Hayden, M. Lusk, R. Merl, M. Oothoudt, J. Potter, J. Reynolds, D. Romero, F. Shelley, Jr. (LANL)
WPPE014 The Upgrade of HLS Linac Control System EPICS, linac, power-supply, vacuum 2357
  • G. Liu, X. Bao, L. Chen, C. Li, W. Li, J.P. Wang (National Synchrotron Radiation Lab), J. Li (Duke University)
WPPE016 SNS Global Database Use in Application Programming   2363
  • J. Galambos, C. Chu, E. Danilova, J. Patton, T.A. Pelaia, A. Shishlo (ORNL), W.-D. Klotz (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
WPPE017 The EPICS Based Virtual Accelerator - Concept and Implementation EPICS, accelerator, simulation, software 2366
  • A. Shishlo, P. Chu, J. Galambos, T.A. Pelaia (ORNL)
WPPE020 Accelerator Control Middle Layer Matlab 2369
  • A. Terebilo, J. Corbett, G. Portmann (SLAC)
WPPE021 Simulated Commissioning of SPEAR 3 Storage Ring Matlab 2372
  • A. Terebilo, J. Corbett, D. Keeley, G. Portmann (SLAC)
WPPE023 A New Real-Time Operating System and Python Scripting on Aladdin software 2373
  • D.E. Eisert, R.A. Bosch, K.D. Jacobs, K.J. Kleman, J.P. Stott (Synchrotron Radiation Center, University of Wisconsin)
WPPE024 Control System for the Superconducting Insertion Devices of NSRRC insertion-device, superconducting magnet 2376
  • K.T. Hsu, C.K. Chang, J. Chen, S.-Y. Hsu, K.H. Hu, C.S. Hwang, C.H. Kuo, Demi Lee (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPPE026 Low Level RF System for Jefferson Lab Cryomodule Test Facility radio-frequency, superconducting-rf 2379
  • T. Plawski, T. Allison, J. Delayen, C. Hovater, T. Powers (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPPE027 PLC and Linux Based Control System for the CAMD Linac linac 2382
  • P. Jines, E. Anzalone, B. Craft, A. Crappell, M. Fedurin, T. Miller, M. Smith, Y. Wang, T. Zhao (Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices)
WPPE028 Cross Platform SCA Component using C++ Builder and Kylix EPICS 2385
  • H. Nishimura, J.L. McDonald, C. Timossi (LBNL)
WPPE029 Design of Control System for SAGA Synchrotron Light Source EPICS, storage-ring 2387
  • H. Ohgaki (Kyoto University), K. Kudo, H. Toyokawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Y. Iwasaki, S. Koda, T. Tomimasu (Saga Synchrotron Light Source)
WPPB008 Beam Position Monitor Systems for the SNS LINAC beam position monitor, diagnostics, instrumentation, linac 2429
  • J. Power, L. Day, M.A. Plum, M. Stettler (LANL)
WPPB033 A Physics Based Control System for the Duke Storage Ring EPICS, storage-ring 2482
  • Y.K. Wu, S. Hartman, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)
WPPB065 Beam Position Monitoring System for the 1.5 GeV Transport Line of NSRRC beam position monitor, instrumentation 2554
  • K.H. Hu, J. Chen, K.T. Hsu, C.H. Kuo, Demi Lee, C.J. Wang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPPB079 Filling Pattern Measurement in the LNLS Storage Ring light source, storage-ring 2583
  • S.R. Marques, H.J. Onisto, P.F. Tavares (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Sìncrotron, Brazil)
ROAA004 First Demonstration of Microphonic Control of a Superconducting Cavity with a Fast Piezoelectric Tuner feedback, microphonics, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 470
  • S. Simrock, G. Petrosyan (DESY), S. Andreoli, A. Facco, R. Paparella, V. Zviagintsev (INFN)
RPAB059 Impact of Cavity RF Field Phase and Amplitude Control Uncertainties on the SNS Linac commissioning, longitudinal-dynamics, radio-frequency, space-charge 2855
  • D. Jeon (ORNL), J. Stovall, H. Takeda (LANL), K. Crandall (TechSource, Inc.)
RPPG046 Single-Bunch Injection System for the LNLS Booster Injector instrumentation, light source, single-bunch, tune 3279
  • P.F. Tavares, S.R. Marques, H.J. Onisto (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Sìncrotron, Brazil)
FPAB027 A New Digital Control System for CESR-c and the Cornell ERL digital signal processing, feedback, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 3347
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh, J. Dobbins, R. Kaplan, C.R. Strohman (Cornell University)
FPAB036 Newly Designed Field Control Module for the SNS radio-frequency 3371
  • A. Regan, K. Kasemir, S. Kwon, J. Power, M. Prokop, H. Shoaee, M. Stettler (LANL), C. Swanson (Alpha Cad, Inc.), L. Doolittle, A. Ratti (LBNL), M. Champion (ORNL)
FPAB038 The Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator Low Level RF Control System feedback, radio-frequency 3377
  • M. Champion, M. Crofford, H. Ma, M. Piller (ORNL), K. Kasemir, S. Kwon, J. Power, M. Prokop, A. Regan, H. Shoaee, M. Stettler, D. Thomson (LANL), S. De Santis, L. Doolittle, M. Monroy, A. Ratti (LBNL)
FPAG004 New Features in the SDDS-Compliant EPICS Toolkit orbit-control, software 3470
  • H. Shang, M. Borland, L. Emery, R. Soliday (ANL)
FPAG019 A Framework Design for a Cyclotron Virtual Control Platform Based on Object-Oriented Methodology cyclotron, diagnostics, simulation 3506
  • B. Qin, D. Chen, M. Fan, X. Jian, Y. Xiong, T. Yu (HuaZhong University of Science and Technology)
FPAG033 A Modular On-line Simulator for Model Reference Control of Charged Particle Beams algorithms, object oriented, simulation, software 3527
  • C.K. Allen, C.A. McChesney (LANL), C. Chu, J. Galambos, T.A. Pelaia, A. Shishlo (ORNL), W.-D. Klotz (ORNL and ESRF), N.D. Pattengale (Sandia National Laboratories)