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Author: Zimmermann, F.

Paper Title Page
TOAA007 Beam-Beam Interaction, Electron Cloud, and Intrabeam Scattering for Proton Super-Bunches 123
  • F. Zimmermann, F. Ruggiero (CERN), Y. Papaphilippou (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), G. Rumolo (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH)
TOPC003 Electron Cloud Studies and Analyses at SPS for LHC-Type Beams 307
  • J.M. Jimenez, G. Arduini, V. Baglin, P. Collier, G. Ferioli, H. Henrist, N. Hilleret, B. Jenninger, L. Jensen, J.M. Laurent, A. Rossi, K. Weiss, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB054 Present Understanding of Electron Cloud Effects in the Large Hadron Collider 1727
  • F. Zimmermann, G. Arduini, V. Baglin, E. Benedetto, R. Cimino, P. Collier, I. Collins, K. Cornelis, B. Henrist, N. Hilleret, B. Jenninger, J.M. Jimenez, A. Rossi, F. Ruggiero, G. Rumolo, D. Schulte (CERN)
TPPB055 Analysis of the b2 Correction in the Tevatron 1730
  • P. Bauer, G. Annala, J. DiMarco, R. Hanft, D. Harding, M. Lamm, M. Martens, P. Schlabach, D. Still, M. Tartaglia, J. Tompkins, G. Velev, M. Xiao (FNAL), L. Bottura, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB067 Beam Losses at Injection Energy and during Acceleration in the Tevatron 1754
  • T. Sen, P. Lebrun, R. Moore, V. Shiltsev, M. Syphers, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), W. Fischer (BNL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB068 Experimental Studies of Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron 1757
  • T. Sen, Y. Alexahin, V. Shiltsev, M. Xiao, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB076 The Special Applications of Tevatron Electron Lens in Collider Operation 1778
  • X.L. Zhang, V. Shiltsev (FNAL), F. Zimmermann (CERN), K. Bishofberger (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAB083 Correcting the LHC Beta* at Collision 2237
  • W. Wittmer, A. Verdier, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
WPAB084 2002 Nonlinear Optics Measurements and Modelling for the CERN SPS 2240
  • F. Zimmermann, G. Arduini, R. Tomàs (CERN), N. Iida (KEK), A. Faus-Golfe (University de Valencia)
WPAG023 Nonlinear Optimization of a Low Emittance CLIC Damping Ring Lattice 2315
  • M. Korostelev, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
WPPG006 Resistive-Wall Wake for Non-Ultrarelativistic Beams 2604
  • F. Zimmermann (CERN), K. Oide (KEK)
RPAB008 Comparison of the TESLA, NLC and CLIC Beam-Collimation System Performance 2739
  • A. Drozhdin, N.V. Mokhov (FNAL), W. Kozanecki, O. Napoly (CE Saclay), D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann (CERN), N. Walker (DESY), G. Blair (Royal Holloway College), L. Keller, T. Markiewicz, T. Maruyama, T.O. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, P. Tenenbaum, M. Woodley (SLAC)
ROPC005 Colliding Nanobeams in CLIC with Magnets Stabilized to the Sub-nm Level 665
  • S. Redaelli, R. Assmann, W. Coosemans, G. Guignard, D. Schulte, I. Wilson, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
RPPB011 The Electron Cloud Instability of the LHC Beam in the CERN SPS 3038
  • G. Arduini, K. Cornelis, W. Höfle, G. Rumolo, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
RPPB012 Investigation of Space Charge Effects in the SPS 3041
  • H. Burkhardt, G. Rumolo, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
RPPB013 Coherent Tune Shifts Measured with Few Bunches in the SPS and Comparison with Resistive Wall Theory 3044
  • H. Burkhardt, A. Koschik, G. Rumolo, F. Zimmermann, B. Zotter (CERN)
RPPB016 Transverse 'Monopole' Instability Driven by an Electron Cloud? 3053
  • F. Zimmermann, E. Benedetto, D. Schulte (CERN), Y. Papaphilippou (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), G. Rumolo (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH), K. Ohmi (KEK)
RPPB017 Simulation Study of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities due to Resistive Wall, Ions, or Electron Cloud 3056
  • F. Zimmermann (CERN), H. Fukuma, K. Ohmi, Y. Ohnishi, S.S. Win (KEK)