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Author: Wei, J.

Paper Title Page
TOPB004 Towards the UAL Open Source Project 272
  • N. Malitsky, M. Blaskiewicz, R. Calaga, R. Fliller III, A.U. Luccio, T. Satogata, R. Talman, J. Wei (BNL)
TPPE011 The Commissioning Plan for the Spallation Neutron Source Ring and Transport Lines 1569
  • S. Henderson, S. Assadi, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, G. Dodson, J. Galambos, J. Holmes, K. Reece, T.J. Shea (ORNL), M. Blaskiewicz, Y.-Y. Lee, Y. Papaphilippou, D. Raparia, J. Wei (BNL)
TPPE012 Exploration of Beam Fault Scenarios for the Spallation Neutron Source Target 1572
  • S. Henderson, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, J. Holmes, T. McManamy (ORNL), A. Fedotov, Y.-Y. Lee, D. Raparia, J. Wei (BNL)
WOAB005 Stochastic Cooling Studies in RHIC 394
  • M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, P. Cameron, J. Wei (BNL)
WPAB051 Magnetic Field Calculations for a Large Aperture Narrow Quadrupole 2153
  • N. Tsoupas, J. Jackson, Y.-Y. Lee, D. Raparia, J. Wei (BNL)
WPAB053 Final Test Results for the SNS Ring Dipoles 2159
  • P. Wanderer, J. Jackson, A. Jain, Y.-Y. Lee, W. Meng, Y. Papaphilippou, C. Spataro, S. Tepikian, N. Tsoupas, J. Wei (BNL)
WPPE033 SNS Ring and Transport System Magnet Acceptance and Installation Preparation 2390
  • S. Tepikian, R. Anderson, M. Hemmer, H. Hseuh, J. Jackson, A. Jain, F. Karl, Y.-Y. Lee, W. McGahern, D. Raparia, R. Savage, J. Tuozzolo, P. Wanderer, J. Wei (BNL)
WPPG004 Electron-Cloud Mitigation in the Spallation Neutron Source Ring 2598
  • J. Wei, M. Blaskiewicz, J. Brodowski, P. Cameron, D. Davino, A. Fedotov, P. He, H. Hseuh, Y.-Y. Lee, H. Ludewig, W. Meng, D. Raparia, J. Tuozzolo, S.Y. Zhang (BNL), N. Catalan-Lasheras (CERN), R.J. Macek (LANL), M. Furman (LBNL), A. Aleksandrov, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, S. Henderson (ORNL), M. Pivi (SLAC)
ROAC006 Design, Development, and Construction of SNS Extraction Fast Kicker System 550
  • W. Zhang, R.F. Lambiase, Y.-Y. Lee, R. Lockey, J. Mi, T. Nehring, C. Pai, J. Sandberg, N. Tsoupas, J. Tuozzolo, D. Warburton, J. Wei (BNL), R. Cutler, K. Rust (ORNL)
ROPA001 Spallation Neutron Source Ring -- Status, Challenges, Issues, and Perspectives 571
  • J. Wei, Y.-Y. Lee, D. Raparia, J. Sandberg, J. Tuozzolo, W.T. Weng (BNL)
RPPB008 Longitudinal Solitons in RHIC 3029
  • M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, P. Cameron, W. Fischer, J. Wei (BNL), A. Luque, H. Schamel (University of Bayreuth)
RPPB009 Effects of Space Charge and Nonlinearities on Collective Instabilities of a Long Bunch 3032
  • A. Fedotov, J. Wei (BNL), V. Danilov (ORNL)
FPAB064 Beam Dump Optics for the Spallation Neutron Source 3416
  • D. Raparia, Y.-Y. Lee, J. Wei (BNL), S. Henderson (ORNL)
FPAB066 Beam Scrubbing Strategy for Electron-Cloud Suppression in the Spallation Neutron Source Ring 3419
  • S.Y. Zhang, M. Blaskiewicz, H. Hseuh, J. Wei (BNL), R.J. Macek (LANL)