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Author: Scarvie, T.

Paper Title Page
MPPB018 Noise Reduction Efforts for the Infrared Beamline at the Advanced Light Source 869
  • T. Scarvie, N. Andresen, K. Baptiste, J. Byrd, M. Chin, M.C. Martin, W. McKinney, C. Steier (LBNL)
WPPB051 A Second Beam-Diagnostic Beamline for the Advanced Light Source 2527
  • F. Sannibale, D. Baum, N. Kelez, T. Scarvie (LBNL), K. Holldack (BESSY)
FPAB037 Commissioning Results of the Fast Orbit Feedback at the ALS 3374
  • C. Steier, A. Biocca, E. Domning, S. Jacobson, G. Portmann, T. Scarvie, E. Williams (LBNL)