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Author: Nam, S.H.

Paper Title Page
TPAG021 Status of Timing System and Its Upgrade for the PLS Storage Ring 1470
  • M.H. Chun, Y.J. Han, H.S. Kang, D.T. Kim, S.H. Nam, B.R. Park, J.S. Yang (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
WPPB059 Beam Diagnostic System for High Intensity Proton Linac at KAERI 2539
  • S.J. Park, Y.S. Bae, J.Y. Huang, W.H. Hwang, S.H. Nam, J.H. Park (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.M. Han, S.H. Han (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPAB060 The Low Level RF System for 100MV Proton Linac of KOMAC 2857
  • I.H. Yu, M.H. Chun, K.M. Ha, Y.J. Han, W.H. Hwang, H.S. Kang, D.T. Kim, S.C. Kim, S.H. Nam, J.S. Yang (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), Y.S. Cho, J.M. Han, H.J. Kwon, K.T. Seol (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPPB046 Simulations on Wakefield Effects in the Electron Beam at the 2.5 GeV PLS Linac 3108
  • E.-S. Kim, H. Heo, S.H. Nam (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)