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Author: Mikhailov, S.F.

Paper Title Page
MPPE007 Improving Power Supply Performance for Duke Storage Ring 752
  • Y.K. Wu, S. Hartman, V. Litvinenko, S.F. Mikhailov, P. Morcombe, O. Oakeley, I. Pinayev, V.G. Popov, P. Wallace, P. Wang (Duke University)
WOAB004 Nonlinear Dynamics in the Duke Storage Ring with FEL Wigglers 391
  • Y.K. Wu, J. Li, V. Litvinenko, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)
WPAG006 Status of the Booster Synchrotron for Duke FEL Storage Ring 2273
  • S.F. Mikhailov, M. Busch, M. Emamian, S. Hartman, V. Litvinenko, I. Pinayev, V.G. Popov, G. Swift, P. Wallace, Y.K. Wu (Duke University), N. Gavrilov, Yu. Matveev, D. Shvedov, N. Vinokurov, P. Vobly (BINP)
WPAG007 Challenges for Magnetic Design of a Compact Booster Fed by Single Power Supply 2276
  • S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)
WPPB033 A Physics Based Control System for the Duke Storage Ring 2482
  • Y.K. Wu, S. Hartman, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)