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Author: Caspers, F.

Paper Title Page
TPPB090 Bench Measurements of Low Frequency Transverse Impedance 1801
  • A. Mostacci (University of Rome), U. Iriso-Ariz (BNL), F. Caspers, L. Vos (CERN)
WPPB026 Cavity Mode Related Wire Breaking of the SPS Wire Scanners and Loss Measurements of Wire Materials 2470
  • F. Roncarolo, F. Caspers, B. Dehning, E. Jensen, J. Koopman, J.F. Malo (CERN)
WPPG051 Waveguide Mode Reflectometry for Obstacle Detection in the LHC Beam Pipe Including Signal Attenuation 2700
  • T. Kroyer, F. Caspers (CERN)
FPAG007 Evaluation of the Horizontal to Vertical Transverse Impedance Ratio for LHC Beam Screen Using a 2D Electrostatic Code 3479
  • U. Iriso-Ariz (BNL), F. Caspers (CERN), A. Mostacci (University of Rome)