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Author: Bane, K.

Paper Title Page
TOAA008 A New Analysis of Intrabeam Scattering 126
  • B. Nash, K. Bane, A. Chao, J. Wu (SLAC)
RPPB054 Measurement of the Longitudinal Wakefield in the SLAC Linac for Extremely Short Bunches 3126
  • K. Bane, F.-J. Decker, P. Emma, L. Hendrickson, P. Krejcik, C.L. O'Connell, H. Schlarb, J. Welch, M. Woodley (SLAC)
RPPG035 Calculation of Collimator Wakefields 3252
  • I. Zagorodnov, T. Weiland (Technische U. Darmstadt), K. Bane (SLAC)