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TUPOB43 Magnetic Cloaking of Charged Particle Beams ion, electron, detector, dipole 588
  • K.G. Capobianco-Hogan, A.A. Adhyatman, G. Arrowsmith-Kron, G. Bello Portmann, D.B. Bhatti, R. Cervantes, B.D. Coe, A. Deshpande, N. Feege, S.P. Jeffas, T.C. Krahulik, J.J. LaBounty, T.M. LaByer, A. Oliveira, H.A. Powers, R.S. Sekelsky, V.D. Shethna, N. Ward, H.J. van Nieuwenhuizen
    Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, USA
  • R. Cervantes
    University of Washington, CENPA, Seattle, USA
  • B.D. Coe
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  In order to measure the momentum of particles produced by asymmetric collisions in the proposed Electron Ion Collider, a magnetic field should be introduced perpendicular to the path of the beam to increase momentum resolution without bending or depolarizing it. A magnetic cloak consisting of a superconducting magnetic shield surrounded by a ferromagnetic layer is capable of shielding the interior from a magnetic field – thereby protecting the beam – without distorting the field outside of the cloak – permitting detector coverage at high pseudorapidity.  
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