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TUPOA31 Fermilab Cryomodule Test Stand RF Interlock System ion, controls, monitoring, cavity 355
  • T.B. Petersen, J.S. Diamond, D. McDowell, D.J. Nicklaus, P.S. Prieto, A. Semenov
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA
  An interlock system has been designed for the Fermilab Cryomodule Test Stand (CMTS), a test bed for the cryomodules to be used in the upcoming Linac Coherent Light Source 2 (LCLS-II) project at SLAC. The interlock system features 8 independent subsystems, consisting of a superconducting RF cavity, a coupler, and solid state amplifier (SSA). Each system monitors several devices to detect fault conditions such as arcing in the waveguides or quenching of the SRF system. Additionally each system can detect fault conditions by monitoring the RF power seen at the cavity coupler through a directional coupler. In the event of a fault condition, each system is capable of removing RF signal to the amplifier (via a fast RF switch) as well as turning off SSA. Additionally, each input signal is available for remote viewing and recording via a Fermilab designed digitizer board.  
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