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MOPOB58 Eddy Current Calculations for a 1.495 GHz Injection-Locked Magnetron ion, cavity, injection, klystron 198
  • S.A. Kahn, A. Dudas, R.P. Johnson, M.L. Neubauer
    Muons, Inc, Illinois, USA
  • H. Wang
    JLab, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  An injection-locked amplitude modulated magnetron is being developed as a reliable, efficient RF source that could replace klystrons used in particle accelerators. The magnetron amplitude is modulated using a trim magnetic coil to alter the magnetic field in conjunction with the anode voltage to suppress the emittance growth due to microphonics and changing beam loads. The rate for microphonic noise can have frequencies in the range 10-50 Hz. This is competitive to the inductive decay time of the trim coil. Eddy currents will be induced in the copper anode of the magnetron that will buck the field from the trim coil in the interaction region. This paper will describe the magnetic circuit of the proposed magnetron as well as the calculation and handling of the Eddy currents on the magnetic field.  
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