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Yu, J.X.

Paper Title Page
TUP10 Design of a Deuteron RFQ for Neutron Generation 312
  • Z.Y. Guo, J. Chen, J. Fang, Y.R. Lu, S.X. Peng, Z.Z. Song, J.X. Yu, C. Zhang, K. Zhu
    PKU/IHIP, Beijing
  • A. Schempp
    IAP, Frankfurt-am-Main
  A deuteron RFQ is designed for neutron generation with 9Be(d,n)10B reaction. Considering the limitation of available RF transmitter, the frequency was chosen as 201.5 MHz and the peak RF power was set to 400 kW with 10% duty factor. The deuteron beam will be extracted from an ECR ion source also with 10% duty factor and then be accelerated to about 2 MeV by RFQ with high transmission efficiency. The system will be described and the design results of particle dynamics and structure will be given.