Author: Kramer, F.
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WEOAA01 Transverse Emittance Exchange for Improved Injection Efficiency 2028
  • P. Kuske, F. Kramer
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  In most cases beam is injected into electron storage rings in the horizontal plane and off-axis. The larger the horizontal emittance of the injected beam the larger the acceptance of the ring has to be. The injected beam is usually delivered by a synchrotron. In case the vertical acceptance of the ring is sufficiently large one can take advantage of the small vertical emittance reached in well aligned and tuned synchrotrons since the transverse emit-tances can be exchanged with the help of skew quadru-pole magnets. A few possible processes will be discussed: emittance exchange with static magnets in the transfer line between synchrotron and ring or emittance exchange in the synchrotron shortly before extraction with time dependent magnets. This could be a suddenly switched-on normal or skew quadrupole magnet or skew quadru-pole fields oscillating at a frequency fulfilling the reso-nance condition. Estimates for these magnets and their design will be given.  
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DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-WEOAA01  
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WEPOW007 Status and Prospects of the BESSY II Injector System 2826
  • T. Atkinson, W. Anders, P. Goslawski, A. Jankowiak, F. Kramer, P. Kuske, D. Malyutin, A.N. Matveenko, A. Neumann, M. Ries, M. Ruprecht, A. Schälicke, T. Schneegans, D. Schüler, P.I. Volz, G. Wüstefeld
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • H.G. Glass
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  The BESSY II injector system consists of a 50 MeV Linac, installed in preparation for TopUp operation, and a 10 Hz fast-ramping booster synchrotron. The system provides injection efficiencies into the BESSY II storage ring well above 90 % . This contribution reports on the present status, measurements of energy acceptance and other essential beam parameters as well as studies on coupled-bunch-by-bunch instability. Requirements for BESSY-VSR and possible upgrade scenarios are discussed.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-WEPOW007  
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