Author: Daito, I.
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TUPOY046 Study on NRF-CT Imaging by Laser Compton Backscattering Gamma-rays in UVSOR 2007
  • H. Ohgaki, I. Daito, T. Kii, H. Zen
    Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
  • T. Hayakawa, T. Shizuma
    JAEA, Ibaraki-ken, Japan
  • M. Katoh, J. Yamazaki
    UVSOR, Okazaki, Japan
  • Y. Taira, H. Toyokawa
    AIST, Ibaraki, Japan
  Funding: This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 26289363, 24340060 and the Joint Studies Program (2014) of the Institute for Molecular Science.
Monochromatic gamma-ray beam in MeV energy region is suitable for non-destructive inspection of high density and massive objects because of its high penetrability. A specific nuclide can be detected by the process of Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF). A non-destructive inspection of Special Nuclear Materials hidden in a container cargo using NRF is proposed by Bertozzi*. Non-destructive detection of Pu inside of a spent nuclear fuel rod is also proposed for management of radioactive wastes, nuclear material accounting and safeguards**. We have developed 2D NRF imaging by using quasi-monochromatic gamma-ray beam in MeV energy region generated by Laser Compton Backscattering (LCS) method*** and proposed to develop an NRF-CT image in the ELI-NP where a high intensity LCS beam can be available in near future. To demonstrate and finalize the measurement system of the NRF-CT imaging by using LCS gamma-ray beam, we have started a study on NRF-CT imaging at the new LCS beamline in UVSOR. The LCS beamline can generate 5.4 MeV LCS gamma-rays with a flux of 1×107 photons/s. We have measured the 5.291 MeV NRF gamma-rays from a lead target in this beamline and tried to take a NRF-CT image.
* W. Bertozzi et al., Nucl. Inst. Meth. B241, 820-825 (2005).
** B. Ludewigt et al., Proc. of 2010 ANS meeting (2010).
*** H. Toyokawa et al., JJAP, 50, 100209 (2011).
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-TUPOY046  
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