Author: Tsai, H.-J.
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TUPS073 Top-Up Safety Simulations for the TPS Storage Ring 1707
  • H.-J. Tsai, C.C. Chiang, P.J. Chou, C.-C. Kuo
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  TPS is a 3 GeV third generation light source and operates in the top-up injection scheme. During the top-up injection, the beamline photon shutters are always open. To ensure the radiation safety of beamline experiments, we studied the possible particle leakage to ID and neighboring bending beamlines. The effects of errors on magnets and beam chamber alignments are investigated.  
WEPC035 Double Mini-Betay Lattice for TPS Storage Ring 2082
  • M.-S. Chiu, H.-P. Chang, C.-T. Chen, C.C. Chiang, C.-C. Kuo, Y.C. Lee, H.-J. Tsai, C.H. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Based on our previous design of double mini-betay optics in one 12-m straight section, NSRRC plan to implement the double mini-betay lattice in three 12-m straight sections in TPS storage ring. Those three locations chosen for double mini-betay lattice still retain the symmetry of accelerator lattice. The two symmetric minima of the vertical beta function will be created in the center of three 12-m straight sections, respectively. We strived to obtain a linear lattice such that there is no significant increase in the natural emittance. Efforts were devoted to optimize the nonlinear beam dynamics with various simulation tools. Preliminary results will be reported.