Author: Som, S.S.
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MOPC088 Bead-pull Measurement using Phase-Shift Technique in Multi-cell Elliptical Cavity 280
  • S. Ghosh, A. Mandal, S. Seth, S.S. Som
    DAE/VECC, Calcutta, India
  The project on the development of high-beta multi-cell elliptical shape superconducting rf linac cavity at around 704 MHz has been funded at VECC, Kolkata, India. A full-scale copper prototype cavity has been designed and fabricated. There are 5 distinct modes exist in the cavity and the accelerating mode is pi-mode in which each cell operates at same frequency with phase difference of 180 degrees between two neighboring cells. A fully automated bead-pull measurement setup has been developed for analyzing these modes and field profile distribution at different modes in such type of linac cavity. A special measurement method inside the cavity using phase-shift technique is proposed in this paper, which describes the development of mechanical setup comprising pulleys and stepper motor–gear arrangement, PC-based control system for precise movement of bead using stepper motor, measurement using VNA, development of software for data acquisition & automation and measurement results for the 5-cell copper prototype cavity.