Author: Schueler, D.     [Schüler, D.]
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THPC010 Recent Developments at the Metrology Light Source 2927
  • J. Feikes, T. Birke, O. Dressler, D.B. Engel, F. Falkenstern, B. Franksen, A. Heugel, H.-G. Hoberg, F. Hoffmann, J. Kuszynski, J. Rahn, M. Ries, P.O. Schmid, T. Schneegans, D. Schüler, G. Wüstefeld
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • K.B. Bürkmann-Gehrlein, V. Dürr, H.G. Glass, G. Schindhelm
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • R. Klein
    PTB, Berlin, Germany
  The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the German national metrology institute, owns the electron storage ring Metrology Light Source (MLS) which was built and is operated by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin [1, 2]. The MLS has been in regular user operation since April 2008 and supports synchrotron-radiation-based metrology and technological developments in the IR, UV, VUV and EUV spectral range. Here we report on recent progress to develop the MLS into a reliable, flexible and stable user facility.  
THPC108 Commissioning of the 50 MeV Preinjector Linac for the BESSY II Facility 3140
  • T. Atkinson, M. Helmecke, D. Schüler, E. Weihreter
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • V. Dürr
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • D. Jousse, J.-L. Pastre, A.S. Setty
    THALES, Colombes, France
  A turn key 50MeV linac manufactured by Thales has been installed in the BESSY II facility. This linac will replace the existing Microtron injector in the near future to provide more flexible bunch population patterns for the femto-slicing operation mode and a higher single bunch intensity for top-up injection. This paper describes the essential problems which have been faced during commissioning and presents the main results obtained in the site acceptance tests including the measurement of beam emittance and energy spread.