Author: Ortiz, A.
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TUPC010 Status of the Manufacturing of Accelerating Structures for LINACs 1009
  • F.M. Mirapeix, J. Añel, J. Castillo, A. Ortiz
    HTS, Mendaro, Spain
  • X. Aldalur, J. Amores, A. Urzainki
    DMP, Mendaro, Spain
Particle accelerators need ongoing development in the state of the art of the field: high-quality manufacturing of accelerating structures, PETS, but also drift tubes, bunchers, high-power couplers, alignment systems, precision test stands, etc. They also require engineering projects in the range of mechatronics, thermodynamics, microwaves, ultra high vacuum, cryogenics, joining techniques, high precision manufacturing, 3D high precision scanning, etc. HTS together with DMP are actually working on all this fronts. In this paper, the actual status of the manufacturing capabilities concerning some accelerating structures will be described.