Author: Nielsen, C.V.
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THPS066 Technical Overview of the SIEMENS Particle Therapy Accelerator 3577
  • V. Lazarev, O. Chubarov, S. Emhofer, G. Franzini, S. Göller, B. Nagorny, A. Robin, H. Rohdjess, R. Rottenbach, A.C. Sauer, R. Schedler, T. Sieber, B. Steiner, J. Tacke, D.B. Thorn, T. Uhl, P. Urschütz, O. Wilhelmi
    Siemens Med, Erlangen, Germany
  • M. Budde, J.S. Gretlund, H.B. Jeppesen, C.V. Nielsen, C.G. Pedersen, Ka.T. Therkildsen, S.V. Weber
    Siemens DK, Jyllinge, Denmark
  Siemens has developed an accelerator system for particle therapy. It consists of an injector (7 MeV/u protons and light ions) and a compact synchrotron able to accelerate proton beams up to 250 MeV and carbon ions up to 430 MeV/u. These beams are extracted slowly from the synchrotron and delivered to a number of beam ports. The first accelerator system has been built and commissioned up to the first two beam outlets. An overview of the achieved performance of the system is presented.
*Particle therapy is a work in progress and requires country-specific regulatory approval prior to clinical use.