Author: Liu, C.-Y.
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THPO016 Design and Implementation the LLC Resonant Transformer 3370
  • C.-Y. Liu, Y.S. Wong
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The energy and dc to dc conversion voltage waveform of the LLC resonant transformer are required to achieve optimal working condition of the resonant region frequency. To meet this requirement, a reliable and precise instrument is needed to scan the resonant cure of the LLC resonant transformer such that its output power performance can meet the required specification. In this paper, the design and model of a new LLC resonant transformer deployed in NSRRC is described. This LLC resonant transformer is capable of delivering energy conversion with high efficiency performance, which is better than traditional transformer, and the voltage transfer ratio is depended on the resonant Frequency. Using the simulation circuit model to develop a power converter of it is also included in the design of this new LLC resonant transformer. It has been tested and proven to be working well in power conversion with excellent efficiency and performance.