Author: Lin, C.J.
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MOPO032 The Survey Status at NSRRC during the TPS Civil Construction 553
  • H.M. Luo, J.-R. Chen, Chen, M. L. Chen, H.C. Ho, K.H. Hsu, W.Y. Lai, C.J. Lin, S.Y. Perng, P.L. Sung, Y.L. Tsai, T.C. Tseng, H.S. Wang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  In this paper, the survey status at NSRRC site duirng the TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) civil construction is described. The TLS (Taiwan Light Source) ring is still under operation in the meantime. In order to maintain the TLS for normal operation and also monitoring the building construction, an expanded survey setups including permanent leveling and GPS monuments were installed both on the site and TPS building. Combined with the orignal TLS survey sockets and sensor monitoring system (hydrostatic leveling system and precision inclination sensors) installed both in the TLS storage ring and beamlines, an extensive survey tasks were performed. The ground deformation situation of the TLS and deviation of the TPS building construction are presented.  
MOPO034 From Survey Alignment toward Auto-alignment for the Installation of the TPS Storage Ring Girder System 559
  • T.C. Tseng, Chen, M. L. Chen, H.C. Ho, K.H. Hsu, W.Y. Lai, C.J. Lin, H.M. Luo, S.Y. Perng, P.L. Sung, Y.L. Tsai, H.S. Wang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • J.-R. Chen
    National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) project is now under civil construction. The whole building is constructed half underground and 12m deep compared to the TLS due to the stability consideration, so the survey and alignment works are quite confined and difficult. For positioning the magnets precisely and quickly, a high accuracy auto-tuning girders system combined with survey network procedures were established to accomplish the installation tasks. The position data from the survey network will define a basis for the motorized girder system to auto-tune and improve the accuracy. A mockup of one twenty-fourth section (one cell) had been installed at NSRRC for interface examination and further testing. In this paper, the procedures from the traditional survey network to auto-aliment system design and algorithm are described. Meanwhile, a preliminary testing result is also included.