Author: Varghese, G.
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TUPV012 Automated Device Error Handling in Control Applications 408
  • M. Killenberg, J. Georg, M. Hierholzer, C.K. Kampmeyer, T. Kozak, D. Rothe, N. Shehzad, J.H.K. Timm, G. Varghese, C. Willner
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  When integrating devices into a control system, the device applications usually contain a large fraction of error handling code. Many of these errors are run time errors which occur when communicating with the hardware, and usually have similar handling strategies. Therefore we extended ChimeraTK, a software toolkit for the development of control applications in various control system frameworks, such that the repetition of error handling code in each application can be avoided. ChimeraTK now also features automatic error reporting, recovery from device errors, and proper device initialisation after malfunctioning and at application start.  
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About • Received ※ 10 October 2021       Revised ※ 22 October 2021       Accepted ※ 20 November 2021       Issue date ※ 18 January 2022
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