Author: Clot, R.
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WEPV036 The LMJ Target Chamber Diagnostic Module 734
  • R. Clot
    CEA, LE BARP cedex, France
  The Laser MegaJoule (LMJ), the French 176-beam laser facility, is located at the CEA CESTA Laboratory near Bordeaux (France). It is designed to deliver about 1.4 MJ of energy on targets, for high energy density physics experiments, including fusion experiments. The first bundle of 8-beams was commissioned in October 2014. By the end of 2021, ten bundles of 8-beams are expected to be fully operational. Due to energy levels achieved, optical components located at the end of the bundles are highly subject to damage stresses. This is particularly the case with vacuum windows whose integrity is critical. To measure these damages, identify the growth laws, and prevent their degradation (through blockers), the Target Chamber Diagnostic Module (TCDM) was integrated into the LMJ installation in 2019. This diagnostic, which also measures the windows transmission rate, as well as the spatial energy distribution at the end of the bundles, has been designed to operate automatically at night, between two experiments. This presentation describes this 2 years feedback of TCDM and presents the areas for improvement which have been identified to optimize its efficiency and reduce its timeline.  
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