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Song, Y.-G.

Paper Title Page
WPPA25 Remote Monitoring System for Current Transformers and Beam Position Monitors of PEFP 368
  • Y.-S. Cho, H. S. Kim, H.-J. Kwon, Y.-G. Song, I.-S. Hong
    KAERI, Daejon
  • J. W. Lee
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk
  PEFP(Proton Engineering Frontier Project) in Korean proton linear accelerator program has a diagnostic system with current transformers and beam position monitors. Prototype of current transformer(CT) and beam position monitor(BPPM) were made and tested successfully in tools of the beam diagnostic systems. We are preparing to monitor remotely signals from the diagnostic system. Remote monitoring system is based on VME system with EPICS environments. For fast digitizing the analog signals VME ADC Input Output Board (VTR812/10) are used to meet the various needs of beam diagnosis device. EPICS channel access and drivers have been programmed in VME CPU to operate the Input output controller(IOC) and interface operators. Operator console and data storage have been implemented with EDM and channel archiver as well.