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Sato, S.

Paper Title Page
TPPA06 EPICS-Based Control System for Beam Diagnostics of J-PARC LINAC 96
  • Y. Kato, H. Sako, G. B. Shen
    JAEA/J-PARC, Tokai-Mura, Naka-Gun, Ibaraki-Ken
  • S. Sato
    JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken
  A commercial measurement instrumentation (WE7000) is used at J-PARC LINAC, to measure beam current from SCT (Slow Current Transformer), beam energy from FCT (Fast Current Transformer), beam position from BPM (Beam Position Monitor), beam size from WSM (Wire Scanner Monitor), or beam loss from BLM (Beam Loss Monitor). The WE7000 is a module-type measurement station, and supports network-based data transmission and communication. A control system has been developed under EPICS framework for the beam diagnostic system to control all WE stations. A waveform signal from a SCT, a FCT, a BPM, a WSM, or a BLM is digitized in a WE7000 station and sent to an EPICS IOC. All signal voltages are calculated inside IOC from a raw digital count. Some physical variables are calculated from the signal voltages including beam current, beam position, and beam phase and beam energy. An EPCIS device driver was reutilized for the data acquisition. The GUI applications for data displays have been developed by using EPICS extensions tools. The current status is reported in this paper about the beam diagnostic system control.