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Richards, J. E.

Paper Title Page
TPPB34 ISAC Control System Update 235
  • D. Bishop, D. Dale, T. Howland, H. Hui, K. Langton, M. LeRoss, R. B. Nussbaumer, C. G. Payne, K. Pelzer, J. E. Richards, W. Roberts, E. Tikhomolov, G. Waters, R. Keitel
    TRIUMF, Vancouver
  At the ISAC radioactive beam facility, the superconducting Linac was commissioned, and several experimental beam lines were added. The paper will describe the additions to the EPICS-based control system, issues with integration of third-party systems, as well as integration of accelerator controls with experiment controls.  
TPPB35 The Control System for the TITAN Experiment at ISAC 238
  • T. Howland, H. Hui, R. Keitel, K. Langton, M. LeRoss, R. B. Nussbaumer, K. Pelzer, J. E. Richards, W. Roberts, E. Tikhomolov, D. Dale
    TRIUMF, Vancouver
  The TITAN experiment at the ISAC radioactive beam facility consists of an RF cooler system, a Magnetic Penning Trap (MPET), and an Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT). These three systems may run together or independently. This paper describes the EPICS-based TITAN control system, which was modeled after the ISAC control system to facilitate integration. Both software and hardware configurations will be described, with emphasis on pulsed diagnostics and the pulse distribution system for synchronizing the traps in different operation modes.