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Patton, J. G.

Paper Title Page
ROPA01 Lessons Learned from the SNS Relational Database 514
  • E. Danilova, J. G. Patton, J. D. Purcell
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  The Spallation Neutron Source Project relies heavily on many different applications that require and depend on the SNS integrated relational database. Although many of the projects undertaken have been successful, the majority of time and energy spent on producing products has resulted in opportunities lost. The percentage of time lost or wasted has been very similar to that of software development projects everywhere. At the SNS the variety of factors that have influenced these projects can be traced to some specific areas: management support, project deadlines, user expectations, graphical user interfaces, and the database itself. This paper presents a look at the factors that have helped make different projects a success and factors that have led to less favorable results.  
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RPPB04 SNS Logbook 609
  • M. Giannella, B. V. Horn, J. G. Patton, T. A. Pelaia
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  An electronic logbook has been developed for the Spallation Neutron Source. This logbook serves as a means of chronologically recording daily operations activities and experiences and communicating them to appropriate groups. The logbook is database-driven and integrates into our existing database schema. The interface to the logbook is web-based and works with most modern web browsers on the major platforms. Additionally, a Java package provides a simple mechanism to post entries from within our XAL applications.  
RPPB23 SCORE – A Save, Compare, and Restore Application for Snapshotting Machine Settings 656
  • J. G. Patton, T. A. Pelaia, J. Galambos
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  SCORE is an application used to snapshot machine settings. Features include sorting by systems and subsystems, comparing live values with saved values, and database storage of the information. The compare feature is useful for diagnosing problems, and the restore feature is useful in recovering good beam tune. Features of the application and performance experience with respect to data base retrieval and live comparison will be discussed.