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Paik, T. S.

Paper Title Page
WOAB02 CAD Model and Visual Assisted Control System for NIF Target Area Positioners 293
  • T. S. Paik, E. F. Wilson, E. A. Tekle
    LLNL, Livermore
  The National Ignition Facility (NIF) contains precision motion control systems that reach up to 6 meters into the target chamber for handling targets and diagnostics. Systems include the target positioner, an alignment sensor, and diagnostic manipulators. Experiments require a variety of arrangements near chamber center to be aligned to an accuracy of 10 micrometers. These devices are some of the largest in NIF, and they require careful monitoring and control in three dimensions to prevent interferences. Alignment techniques such as viewing target markers and cross-chamber telescopes are employed. Positioner alignment is a human-control process incorporating real-time video feedback on the user interface. The system provides efficient, flexible controls while also coordinating all positioner movements. This is accomplished through advanced video-control integration incorporating remote position sensing and real-time analysis of a CAD model of target chamber devices. This talk discusses the control system design, the method used to integrate existing mechanical CAD models, and the offline test laboratory used to verify proper operation of the integrated control system.  
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