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Pace, E.

Paper Title Page
TPPB25 SPARC Control System 214
  • F. A. Anelli, M. Bellaveglia, D. Filippetto, S. Fioravanti, E. Pace, G. Di Pirro
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)
  • L. Catani, A. Cianchi
    INFN-Roma II, Roma
  We describe the control system for the new Frascati injector project (SPARC). The injector starts operation in fall 2007, and at that time the control system must be fully operative and integrate all tools to help the machine operation. To allow a fast development of the control system, we made some choices: (1) Labview as developing system due to its diffusion in the Frascati labs and being a standard-de-facto in the acquisition software; (2) GigaBit Ethernet as interconnection bus in order to have sufficient bandwidth for data exchange; and (3) PCs as front-end CPUs and operator console because they have enough computing power. In 2006 a first operation of the control system, during the SPARC gun test performed with the e-meter diagnostic apparatus, allowed us to test the architecture of the control system both from the hardware and software points of view. All control applications for magnetic elements, vacuum equipment, RF cavities, and some diagnostics have been developed and debugged online. An automatic process stores in a database operating information both periodically and on data change. Information can be sent automatically or manually to our e-logbook.  
RPPB16 SPARCbook: A New Electronic Book 638
  • A. Cianchi
    INFN-Roma II, Roma
  • S. Fioravanti, E. Pace
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)
  Many electronic books exist for logging the activity of an accelerator, but all of them are basically a translation of a paper book in an electronic format, with some extra features coming from the usage of a database for storing the information. SPARCbook is based on PostgreSQL, an open source database. A new, nice GUI has been developed for manually inserting data (both text and pictures) in the logbook and retrieving the old information, using several filters like date, author, or type of information. This GUI has been developed using HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, and it is quite similar to GUIs of already existing electronic logbooks. The peculiarity of SPARCbook is that it is also possible to insert information in the book from the control system of the accelerator, automatically or after a human decision. The SPARC control system is a distributed system, developed using LabVIEW, based on PCs and real-time CPUs. Information, tables, and graphs can be submitted from each CPU and from the central control system to SPARCbook making a query to PostgreSQL via TCP. That makes the system really powerful because any commercial CPU has TCP capability.