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Moeller, M.

Paper Title Page
MOPB03 Control System Studio (CSS) 37
  • M. R. Clausen, C. H. Gerke, M. Moeller, H. R. Rickens, J. Hatje
    DESY, Hamburg
  Most applications for the control system EPICS are developed for UNIX and X-Windows. They are independent from each other, have a different look and feel, and it is difficult to exchange data. To solve these problems the Control System Studio (CSS) is under development. CSS is a common platform for new control system applications and provides developers with management infrastructure and a centralised connection to external data sources like JDBC-databases, JMS-, LDAP-servers, etc. CSS defines interfaces to avoid dependencies on special implementations. This design makes sure that an application can easily be integrated or exchanged. Another important feature is the accessibility of data through all applications via CSS-data types defined in CSS. The Data Access Layer (DAL) assures the transparent access to any control system protocol. Thus CSS is not only a platform for EPICS but for any control system that implements the DAL. The intension to modularise CSS and run it on any operating system lead to the decision to use the Eclipse RCP based on the OSGi technology. Technically CSS is a set of essential core-plugins and application plugins selected by the user.  
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