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Lionberger, C. A.

Paper Title Page
TPPA05 Control of Acquisition and Cluster-Based Online Processing of GRETINA Data 93
  • M. L. Cromaz, C. A. Lionberger
    LBNL, Berkeley, California
  The GRETINA gamma ray tracking detector will acquire data from 112 digitizer modules in 28 VME crates. The data will be distributed to a cluster of on the order of 100 computer servers for the computation-intensive initial processing steps which will be run concurrently with data acquisition. A slow-controls system based on EPICS controls all aspects of data acquisition and this online processing. On the cluster, EPICS controls not only when processing is occurring but which processing programs are running on which nodes and where their inputs and outputs are directed. The EPICS State Notation Language is used extensively both in the VME and cluster environments.