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Kurkin, G. Y.

Paper Title Page
ROAA03 Injection, Ramping and Extraction Timing for the Duke Booster 491
  • G. Y. Kurkin
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  • S. F. Mikhailov, V. Popov, Y. K. Wu, S. M. Hartman
    FEL/Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
  A booster synchrotron capable of ramping from 0.25 to 1.2 GeV was recently commissioned at Duke University as part of the High Intensity Gamma Source upgrade. The triggering and timing system uses a combination of software logic and triggers, digital delay generators, and hardware synchronizers to coordinate the linac injector, booster synchrotron and electron storage ring. The injection system has been commissioned with a short pulse photo-injector linac into a single booster RF bucket and to two booster buckets separated by about half the circumference. It has also been commissioned with a long electron pulse from the injection linac into all 19 buckets. The extraction system, combined with short pulse kickers, can extract any of the booster's 19 electron bunches in to any of the storage ring's 64 bunches. Ramping is controlled by programmable VME based waveform generators triggered from the timing system. The system offers flexibility for commissioning and operations and provides a simple interface to the operator.  
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