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Goette, S.

Paper Title Page
TPPB01 The PHELIX Control System Based on CS-Framework 3.0 163
  • D. B. Beck, S. Goette, H. Brand
    GSI, Darmstadt
  • M. Kugler
    HDA, Darmstadt
  The Petawatt High Energy Laser for Ion eXperiments, http://www.gsi.de/forschung/phelix/indexe.html, will offer the unique combination of a high-current, high-energy (GeV/u) heavy-ion beam with a powerful laser beam thus providing the opportunity to investigate a variety of fundamental science issues in the field of atomic physics, nuclear physics, and plasma physics. The PHELIX Control System (PCS) is based on the CS framework, http://wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/CSframework/WebHome. About 35 additional classes were developed for the PCS and ~250 objects are running distributed on 13 PCs publishing ~10000 process variables. The PCS has been upgraded to version 3.0 recently. In CS 3.0 the entire communication layer has been changed to DIM (Distributed Information Management), which is a light weight protocol for inter-process communication based on TCP/IP, http://www.cern.ch/dim. The PCS was redesigned to make use and profit from the concept of named services. Clients may receive information from a service (observer pattern) or may send a command to a server (command pattern). By these means the implementation of the PCS behaviour with hierarchical state machines was eased.