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Filhol, J.-M.

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WPPB06 Synchronization System of Synchrotron SOLEIL 409
  • P. Betinelli, L. Cassinari, J.-M. Filhol, B. Gagey, F. Langlois, A. Loulergue, J. P. Ricaud
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette
  To bring electrons from the LINAC to the storage ring, much equipment must be triggered synchronously to the beam. The timing system provides the time base needed for this purpose. More than a simple clocks distribution system, it is a real network, broadcasting clocks and data all over the synchrotron. Data are used to send events to equipment: for example, injection of electrons inside the booster, extraction of electrons from the booster to the storage ring, or even triggering diagnostic equipment. The timing system is made up of a standalone CENTRAL system and several cPCI LOCAL boards. The CENTRAL system provides clocks and data and broadcasts them to the LOCAL boards through an optical fiber network. LOCAL boards are placed close to the equipment, and they provide delayed signals to trigger them. These delays can be precisely adjusted by the user, making the equipment synchronous with the electron beam. After a brief explanation of our needs, the presentation describes the timing systems (architecture, performance, etc.) used at SOLEIL. It also describes the results after a year of use: the good, the bad, and the truth (well, maybe).