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Felton, R. C.

Paper Title Page
WPPA22 Real-Time Measurement and Control at JET – Status 2007 362
  • T. Budd, F. Sartori, R. C. Felton
    EFDA-JET, Abingdon, Oxon
  The Joint European Tokamak (JET) is a large machine for experiments on fusion plasmas. Many of the experiments use real-time measurements and controls to establish and/or maintain specific plasma conditions. Each Instrument (Diagnostic or Heating/Fueling/Magnet) is connected to a network. The number of systems has now grown to over thirty, and new systems are being planned for the future. Since some of the systems are used to control critical parameters of the JET plasma, we are improving the availability, reliability, and maintainability of the facility. We must ensure that systems check their message structures against a central Data Dictionary at build-time and run-time and secondly that the systems check their input data streams are alive before, during, and after a JET pulse. Thirdly, a test data generator facility is being added so that systems can be validated in situ. Finally, we are developing high-level control configuration tools. From all of these, we identify some general principles that are applicable to the next-generation machines.