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Dutour, M. D.

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TPPA03 Software Factory Techniques Applied to Process Control at CERN 87
  • M. D. Dutour
    CERN, Geneva
  The LHC requires constant monitoring and control of large quantities of parameters to guarantee operational conditions. For this purpose a methodology called UNICOS was implemented to standardize the design of process control applications. To further accelerate the development of these applications, we migrated our existing UNICOS tooling suite toward a software factory in charge of assembling project, domain, and technical information seamlessly into deployable PLC–SCADA systems. This software factory delivers consistently high quality by reducing human error and repetitive tasks and adapts to user specifications in a cost-efficient way. Hence, this production tool is designed to hide the PLC and SCADA platforms, enabling the experts to focus on the business model rather than specific syntax. Based on industry standards, this production tool along with the UNICOS methodology provides a modular environment meant to support process control experts to develop their solutions quickly. This article presents the user requirements and chosen approach. Then the focus moves to the benefits of the selected architecture and finishes with the results and a vision for the future.

LHC:Large Hadron ColliderUNICOS:UNified Industrial COntrol SystemsPLC:Programmable Logic ControllerSCADA:Supervisory Control And Data AcquisitionTerms:Process control, software engineering