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Arruat, M.

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WOPA04 Front-End Software Architecture 310
  • L. Fernandez, S. Jackson, F. Locci, J. L. Nougaret, M. P. Peryt, A. Radeva, M. Sobczak, M. Vanden Eynden, M. Arruat
    CERN, Geneva
  CERN’s Accelerator Controls group launched a project in 2003 to develop the new CERN accelerator Real-Time Front-End Software Architecture (FESA) for the LHC and its injectors. In this paper, we would like to report the status of this project, at the eve of the LHC start-up. After describing the main concepts of this real-time Object Oriented Software Framework, we will present how we have capitalized on this technical choice by showing the flexibility through the new functionalities recently introduced such as Transactions, Diagnostics, Monitoring, Management of LHC Critical Settings, and Communication with PLC devices. We will depict the methodology we have put in place to manage the growing community of developers and the start of a collaboration with GSI. To conclude we will present the extensions foreseen in the short term.  
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