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Abeille, G.

Paper Title Page
RPPB20 A Graphical Sequencer for SOLEIL Beamline Acquisitions 647
  • A. Buteau, M. O. Ounsy, G. Abeille
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette
  Addressing batch processing and sequencing needs are fundamentals for daily beamlines operation. The SOLEIL control software group offers two solutions. Firstly, the Python scripting environment, for which a dedicated Tango binding is available, has been proved to be powerful, but is limited to scientists with good programming skills. Secondly, we provide the PASSERELLE software, developed by the ISENCIA* company and based on the PTOLEMY** framework. In this environment, sequences can be designed graphically by drag and drop components called actors (representing elementary tasks). The process execution can be easily “programmed” by defining graphically the data flow between actors. Upon this framework, an existing generic GUI application allows users to configure and execute the sequences. A dedicated GUI application can also be provided on demand to give the beam line’s end user an easy-to-use acquisition application. The work organization, the software architecture and design of the whole system will be presented, as well as the current status of deployment on SOLEIL beamlines.

* http://www.isencia.com/main/web/init** http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/index.htm