TUZAA —  Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding   (23-Oct-18   14:00—15:00)
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TUZAA01 Development of RIKEN 28 Ghz SC-ECRISs for Synthesizing Super-Heavy Elements 77
  • T. Nakagawa, M. Fujimaki, N. Fukunishi, Y. Higurashi, O. Kamigaito, K. Kumagai, T. Nagatomo, J. Ohnishi, N. Sakamoto, A. Uchiyama
    RIKEN Nishina Center, Wako, Japan
  For synthesizing the new elements heavier than Z=118 at RIKEN, production of the intense metallic ion beams (e.g., Ti, V and Cr ion beams) were strongly required. To meet the requirements, we systematically studied the optimization of RIKEN 28 GHz SC-ECRIS performance. Using these results, we produced ~400 μA of V13+ ion beam at the RF power of 2 kW (28 GHz) and very low Bext (~1.4 T for 28 GHz). For long term operation, we successfully produced the intense stable beam (100~200 microA). To further push this project forward, new super-conducting RF cavities are now under construction in the downstream of RIKEN heavy-ion linac (RILAC) to increase the beam energy. In this project, we also constructed new 28 GHz SC-ECRIS based on these results in order to increase the beam intensities. In addition, to inject the high quality beam into the upgraded RILAC, three sets of movable slits to control the size of the transverse emittance of the beam are installed in the low energy beam transport (LEBT). In this contribution, we present the status of new 28 GHz ECRIS and LEBT. We also present the results of the systematic study and the production of the intense metallic ion beams.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ https://doi.org/10.18429/JACoW-HIAT2018-TUZAA01  
About • paper received ※ 19 October 2018       paper accepted ※ 24 October 2018       issue date ※ 05 November 2019  
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TUZAA02 Highly Charged ECR Ion Source Development at IMP 82
  • L.T. Sun, Y. Cao, X. Fang, Y.C. Feng, J.W. Guo, W. Huang, J.Q. Li, L.B. Li, L.X. Li, W. Lu, H.Y. Ma, L.Z. Ma, Y.M. Ma, Z. Shen, B.M. Wu, W. Wu, Y. Yang, W.H. Zhang, X.Z. Zhang, H.W. Zhao
    IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China
  Highly charged ECR ion source development plays an important role in the heavy ion accelerators advancement at IMP, such as HIRFL upgrade, heavy ion treatment complex HIMM, future heavy ion facility HIAF, and so on. As requested by those projects, many high performance highly charged ECR ion sources with different technologies have been built, or under development. The representative ion sources are superconducting ECR ion sources SECRAL and recently built SECRAL-II, room temperature LECR4 ion source with an innovative evaporative cooling method, permanent magnet ECR ion sources of LAPECR series, and a 45 GHz 4th generation ECR ion source FECR. In this talk, a general review of highly charged ECR ion sources will be presented. The typical performances, operation status, as well as the future developments will be discussed.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ https://doi.org/10.18429/JACoW-HIAT2018-TUZAA02  
About • paper received ※ 09 November 2018       paper accepted ※ 11 December 2018       issue date ※ 05 November 2019  
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