Author: Raparia, D.
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H-minus and Light-Ion Linacs Upgrade Plan for Production of Critical Isotopes at BNL  
  • D. Raparia
    BNL, Upton, New York, USA
  To increase medical isotopes production at BNL, an energy upgrade to existing 200 MeV H linac and new light ion linac to accelerate light ions (m/q ~ 2.3) is proposed. H beam from the BLIP beam line will be diverted to existing radiation effect facility (REF) tunnel. The final energy of 600 MeV for H can be achieved by installing couple cavity linac (CCL) in the REF and Neutral Beam Time of Flight (NBTF) tunnel. The add on accelerator can provide beam of 200 to 600 MeV on the target with the maximum beam power of 120 kW. The Light ion linac tunnel will be built parallel to the NBTF tunnel with the same target building as H target building. The light ion linac will accelerate light ion (m/q ~ 2.3 ) to 60 MeV/amu with 200 micro-appear of average current.  
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