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Walasek-Hoehne, B.     [Walasek-Höhne, B.]

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WEO1C03 Beam Induced Fluorescence Profile Monitor Developments 497
  • P. Forck, C.A. Andre, F. Becker, R. Haseitl, B. Walasek-Höhne
    GSI, Darmstadt

As conventional intercepting diagnostics will not withstand high intensity ion beams, the non-destructive Beam Induced Fluorescence (BIF) method for transverse profile monitoring was extensively developed during the last years at the GSI heavy ion facility. An overview of the general performance, technical realization, applications and limitations will be given. Detailed investigations required for the optimization of this method were performed. Fluorescence spectra for various working gases like nitrogen and rare gases were recorded using an imaging spectrograph and wavelength selected beam profiles were obtained. The recorded profile width coincides for all working gases with the exception of He showing a significantly broader beam image. Experiments concerning the background contribution by beam induced neutrons and gammas were performed and the consequences for a possible installation close to a target will be discussed.


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