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Voronkov, A.V.

Paper Title Page
MOPD27 Ion Beam Intensity Increasing in Undulator Linear Accelerators 120
  • S.M. Polozov, E.S. Masunov, A.V. Voronkov
    MEPhI, Moscow

The undulator linear accelerator using electrostatic undulator (UNDULAC-E) or RF undulator (UNDULAC-RF) are suggested as an initial part of high intensity ion linac *, **. In UNDULAC ion beam is accelerated by the combined field of two non-synchronous space harmonics. The space charge force is main factor limiting beam intensity. There exist two ways to increase ion beam intensity: (i) to enlarge the beam cross section and (ii) to use the space charge neutralization. The high intensity ribbon ion beam can be accelerated in UNDULAC ***. Accelerating force value in UNDULAC is proportional to squared particle charge and oppositely charged ions with the identical charge-to-mass ratio can be accelerated simultaneously within the same bunch and the beam space charge neutralization can be realized. These two methods of beam intensity increasing will discussed in this paper.

* E.S. Masunov, Sov. Phys. – Tech. Phys., 1990, 35 (8), p. 962
** Masunov E.S., Polozov S.M. Tech. Phys.50, No. 7, 2005, p. 112
*** E.S. Masunov, S.M. Polozov. NIM A, 558 (2006), p. 184

MOPD28 Beam Loading Effect Simulation in Linacs 123
  • S.M. Polozov, T.V. Bondarenko, E.S. Masunov, V.I. Rashchikov, A.V. Voronkov
    MEPhI, Moscow

The accurate treatment of own beam space charge influence is the main problem for all beam dynamics codes. Traditionally only the Coulomb field is taking into account for low energy beams and the radiation part is accounting for high energy beams. But now the current of accelerating beam enlarges and some radiation effects should be discussed for low energy beam also. The beam loading is more important of them. This effect should be studied now not only in electron linacs but for proton also. The BAMDULAC code is designing in MEPhI since 1999 for beam dynamics study *. The especial version BEAMDULAC-BL was designed for 3D beam dynamics study with accurate treatment both the Coulomb field and beam loading. The methods of beam loading treatment and the results of code testing are presented in this report. Some examples of beam dynamics study in linacs are discussed.

* E.S. Masunov, S.M. Polozov. NIM A, 558 (2006), p. 184