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Ranjbar, V.H.

Paper Title Page
TUO2A01 Accelerated Particle Tracking Using GPULib 286
  • V.H. Ranjbar, K. Amyx, P. Messmer, I.V. Pogorelov
    Tech-X, Boulder, Colorado

A 4D version of BNL's thin element spin tracking code SPINK* with limited elements has been successfully ported to a C++/GPU platform using GPULib**. This prototype used only quadrupoles, simple snakes, dipoles and drifts. It achieved an 80 fold speed up over serial CPU version of the code when pushing 100,000 particles. We present the approach used to track spin and orbit degrees of freedom of polarized proton beams simultaneously. We also present recent results of prototyping a general-purpose particle tracking on GPUs, discussing our CUDA implementation of maps for single-particle dynamics in the Argonne National Lab's accelerator code Elegant***.

*A.Luccio,"Spin tracking in RHIC code SPINK," Proc. of Adriatico Res Conf (1995)
***M.Borland,"elegant:A Flexible SDDS-compliant Code for Accel. Sim.", APS LS-287 (2000)


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