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Priebe, A.

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MOPD53 Quench Protection with LHC Beam Loss Monitors 198
  • M. Sapinski, B. Dehning, E. Effinger, J. Emery, E.B. Holzer, C. Kurfuerst, A. Priebe, C. Zamantzas
    CERN, Geneva

To prevent from beam-induced quenches of the superconducting magnets a system of about 4000 beam loss detectors is installed on the magnets cryostats. These detectors, being ionization chambers, measure the particle shower starting inside the magnet. Examples of simulations linking the heat deposited in the superconducting coils with signals in the ionization chambers are presented. A comparison of the simulations to the data is done. Limits of the present system are discussed.