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Ng, K.Y.

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THO1C04 Application of a Localized Chaos Generated by RF-phase Modulations in Phase-Space Dilution 639
  • S.-Y. Lee
    IUCEEM, Bloomington, Indiana
  • K.Y. Ng
    Fermilab, Batavia

Physics of chaos in a localized phase-space region is exploited to produce a longitudinally uniformly distributed beam. Theoretical study and numerical simulations are used to study its origin and its applicability in phase dilution of beam bunch. Through phase modulation to a double-rf system, a central region of localized chaos bounded by invariant tori are generated by overlapping parametric resonances. Condition and stability of the chaos will be analyzed. Applications of such a chaotic phase-space dilution system are high power beam, beam distribution uniformization, and industrial beam irradiation.


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