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Mohite, T.S.

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THO2B04 Long Term Simulations of the Space Charge and Beam Loss in the SIS18 615
  • G. Franchetti, W.B. Bayer, F. Becker, O. Chorniy, P. Forck, T. Giacomini, I. Hofmann, M.M. Kirk, T.S. Mohite, C. Omet, A.S. Parfenova, P. Schütt
    GSI, Darmstadt

In this contribution we present the simulations of the experiment made in the SIS18 synchrotron on the effect of the space charge in a bunched beam stored for one second. To the simulations a discussion of the underlying dominant effect (trapping or scattering?) is included. A discussion on the consequences of this beam dynamic regime on the SIS100 is presented, open issues and future (experimental and numerical) studies are outlined.


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