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Lebedev, V.A.

Paper Title Page
THO1C05 Optical Stochastic Cooing in Tevatron 644
  • V.A. Lebedev
    Fermilab, Batavia

The intrabeam scattering is the major reason of fast luminosity degradation in the Tevatron. It results in that in the case of optimal operation only about 40% of antiprotons are used to the store end and the rest are discarded. The beam cooling is the only effective remedy to mitigate this problem. Unfortunately neither electron or stochastic cooling can be effective at the Tevatron energy and bunch density. Thus the optical stochastic cooling is the only promising technology capable to cool the Tevatron beam. The paper circuses possible ways of such cooling implementation in Tevatron as well as advances in optical stochastic cooling theory. The technique looks promising and potentially can double the average Tevatron luminosity without increasing its peak value.


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